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"...these amps are here to pay tribute to old fashioned LO-FI tone!
...simple well-made amplifiers that are easy to dial in awesome tone. Good amps can do just about everything with a couple pedals and the volume knob on the amp and guitar..."

"I am not looking to be all things or to have every feature. I would rather strip features to the core and have tone for days than 50 knobs and switches and tone that sounds like..."

I make amps, one at a time to fit a customer's preferences and gear. If I can make an amp for you, let me know. -John Thornburg

John Thornburg is devoted to bringing more good LO-FI tone into the world, to the delight of his friends and clients.

In addition to designing, building, and restoring amplifiers, John is known online for his excellent technical articles including "Potting Pickups to Reduce Microphonic Noise" at, and for the "Thorny Overdrive Mod" for Electra MPC overdrive effect modules (you know, the kind poured into a solid block of epoxy..!)

When he is not busy with these pursuits, John appies his superhero powers to fighting crime and living the good life, the LO-FI way!

Visit the Electra Guitar Page!