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Anyone looking for a Boogie Amp?
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Author:  proendorser [ Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Anyone looking for a Boogie Amp? ... 500wt_1044

This is not mine or anything, although it's almost exactly like the one I took to ElectraFest 2010, a 60 watt Mark IIb without EQ or Reverb. $500 opening bid, and it's about as clean as you're gonna find. This particular one has the 'Fender' type amp knobs, so it is a little older than mine, and would be one of the first IIb's made, probably a late '81 early '82. I bought mine in the summer of '82 and it has the Mesa knobs. This one has the optional Altec in it, and I'm not familiar with how they are, I have EV's and Black Shadows (Celestians) in mine. Probably has the original filter caps still because its so clean, so don't be discouraged if they blow out after 20 hrs of use.

These are great little (70 lb!!) amps, my only complaint is that they really should be run hot to sing, and that's way loud... and it's why I use an Attenuator to scale back the volume on them. Nearly bullet-proof, these amps were made for the ages. If you haven't picked up a Mesa yet JMM, think about this one man!

Author:  JMM [ Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone looking for a Boogie Amp?

Thanks for looking out for me Pro! I did however pick up a Mesa Studio .22+ about a year ago (early 80's model dead mint:). It's a nice little combo - kind of a one trick pony, but the tone is great. I of course drive it with the Roland kitchen sink, but occasionally enjoy it's native tone . Mesa certainly makes a nice amp! I'm actually looking at a Roland amp right now (VGA-7)- nothing great....and nothing I need, but I've always wanted one.....and a Fender (65 DRRI ?) when I get around to it.

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