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Ash body set neck with bayonet joint, walnut finish, twin humbuckers, silver hardware, brass nut, Active EQ with push/pull switches for coil tap and phase reverse.

As with the Invicta and Workingman models, the X250 was an original and innovative post-lawsuit era design by SLM's Tom Presley, and included many details such as EQ and brass nut that could be found on earlier models. A guitar with onboard active EQ may seem commonplace today, but recall that in 1983 Fender for the first time offered a custom 5-way instead of 3-way switch on strats. Electra guitars were far ahead of their time, and the X250 is prime fruit of the innovations of the early '80's.

Note that the X250 is in most respects identical to an X270, except that it has four knobs instead of the X270's three. Especially in 83 there were a plethora of Electra models with slight variations (witness the many Phoenix versions).

From the 1981 pricelist:

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