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PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2004 1:35 am 
i have an electra outlaw (an x710 to be precise), but for a while now i've been looking for a replacent in terms of a main guitar. so i was wondering how the invicta and vulcan stand up in comparison.
so, can anyone comment on the similarities and differences? basically what i love about the outlaw are the following: 1) rich creamy tone that still stays crisp, 2) ability to switch to a single coil sound that is a bit fatter than fender, 3) lovely sustain. so if the vulcan or invicta offer all of that AND is lighter, i'd be pleased as punch. if it has all that AND flat or fender-style frets, well, i'd be pleaseder than punch. and if has all that AND a thin neck, well i'd be the pleasedest punch that was ever pleased.
do the invicta and vulcan have super magnaflux pickups like the outlaw?
does the ash body make it a lot lighter?
i've had my outlaw for a couple of years now. when i first got it i was in love and couldn't believe that i didn't pay $1000 for it. and i still love it. really i do. what i DON"T like is the WEIGHT. it kills me. so, a nice yamaha has taken over for the moment but i keep thinking about electras, so i'd appreciate comments on the invicta and/or vulcan. [/img]

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2004 9:19 pm 
Well, I owned an X710 MPC and presently own an X260 Invicta. Of the over 60 guitars I've owned, the Invicta is right at the top of the heap, tied with 2-3 others. Mine is in nearly mint condition and plays like a dream. Everything about this guitar just fits me perfectly, from the LPish shape right down to the perfect-for-my-hand neck. Love the huge frets, and the build quality is superior to none. What's not to love?

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2004 10:34 pm 
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Try other Electras. Try an Electra Phoenix, they're considerably lighter in weight from what I can see, much lighter than the MPC LP's, anyhow. Try a Dynasty, they're super light, what with the pointy body shape- and you can pick up a Dynasty for around 150$ usually. Granted you have to like pointy body styles... but seriously, try an Electra Phoenix or a Westone Spectrum (same guitar, later year).

There's a Spectrum LX on ebay right now, I was going to recommend somebody nab it (not me). I promise you'll find the action and sound the equal of any Electra. (my standing offer is that if I recommend somebody buy a Phoenix or Spectrum, I'm so sure that they'll love it that if they don't, I'll buy it from them... not that I need another one, but I would make that offer to you as well, especially since you love other Electras.)

I suppose the bottom line is, if there's something about your favorite guitar that isn't optimum for a particular reason, the best solution is: get more guitars! That instead of suggesting you try to lighten it or in some other way change it.

to answer your question above, the Phoenix/Spectrums do have narrow quick necks, a wonderful crisp creamy tone (the later the better- super magnafluxes totally rock), are lightweight, offer great coil tap for single coil sound, plus a very effective phase switch and fat switch (adds middle single coil for almost a P90 sound). And they do have great sustain- the Spectrum FX's are the best for that, with their set necks, but all of them are quite good, and for the price you can't go wrong.

I KNOW a bunch of you are laughing already- 'yep, figures he'd go off on recommending a Phoenix...' shaddup already EM :)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2004 3:53 pm 
wow. i completely forgot about writing that post.
since then, i've sold the outlaw to another happy owner who doesn't mind the weight.
now my main gee-tar is an aria pro ii thor sound, which i've mentioned in other posts. for anyone who loves sustain and a big creamy les paul sound, i can highly recommend the matsumoku laminate-style models. the center maple stripes give you plently of beef and sustain but the wings, generally made of a lighter wood, lighten up the body. plus the switches give me my favorite sound: HB/SC for a fat but chimey sound! :)
actually, i had a phoenix x150, as mentioned in other posts as well. and you're right about it on all accounts. the only thing i didn't like was the heel, which seemed to get in the way. probably not more so than other bolt-ons, but i ended up passing it on to a friend who just loves it. (he never plays past the 5th fret so doesn't care about heels and cutaways and whatnot.)
so, in short, i found my replacement already but thanks for the responses anyway!

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