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LP style:
2242 Super Rock (Black/Gold)

2244 Super Rock (Black/Chrome)
2245 Super Rock (Cherry Sunburst)

2249 Super Rock (Natural Maple)
2252 Super Rock (Red)
2254 Super Rock (Goldtop)
2256 Super Rock (Jacaranda Rosewood)

2258 Super Magnum (Natural Maple with carved top and 'Tree of Life' fretboard inlay)

2264 White Zephyr (Ivory white)
2264n Studio Zephyr (Ivory grain)
X110 Rock Strad (Flamed Maple)
X210 Omega (Black)
X220 Omega (Cherry Sunburst Flamed Maple)
X230 Omega (Natural Flamed Maple)
X240 Omega (Antique Sunburst Flamed Maple)

2207 Slim Acoustic (Green)
2221 Slim Acoustic (Red)
2227 Slim Acoustic (Brown)
2228 Slim Acoustic (Sunburst)
2229 Super Professional (Sunburst)
2266 Burgundy Pro (Burgundy)
2267 Maple Pro (Natural Flamed Maple)
2281 Elvin Bishop (Brown Sunburst Flamed Maple)
X410 Jazz Strad (Brown Sunburst Flamed Maple)
X420 Custom Pro (Black)
X420VS Custom Pro (Brown Sunburst Flamed Maple)
X510 (Concert Professional)(Howard Roberts style)(antique burst)

SG style
2247 Electric Oak
2259 Double Solid
Unknown Model PCM SG(red)

Vee style
2236 Flying Wedge
Unknown Model PCM Vee (red)

Explorer style
X910 Vintage (Explorer style)(natural mahogany)
Unknown Model (PCM?) Explorer (red)

Strat style
2263wc Sustainer (sunburst)
2275b Avenger (black)
2275c Avenger (cream)
2275n Avenger (natural wood)
2275s Avenger (sunburst)
Unknown model PCM strat (greenish blue)

Tele style
2238wc Rock N' Soul (black)

2248wc Rock N' Soul (ivory white)

2253w Rock N' Soul (natural/custom style black pickguard)

2253wc Rock N' Soul (natural)

2255WC Blues Rock (natural/pearl white pickguard thinline style)

2270c Blues Rock Special (chestnut/pearl white pickguard thinline style)

F-bass style
2271 Long Necker bass(sunburst)

2273 Long Necker bass (black)

Unknown model bass(red)

G-bass style
2250 Rock Bass (LP style) (black)
2261 Tri-Tone/Solid Sound Bass (SG style) (cherry red)

R-bass style
2228 Corsair bass(natural)(stereo)

2229 Corsair bass(cherry sunburst)(stereo)

2288 Corsair bass(natural)

2289 Corsair bass(cherry sunburst)

MPC models
X120 "Leslie West" (dark brown burst)

X310 (LP style)(black)

X320 (LP style)(transparent red)

X330 (LP Style) (cherry sunburst)

X340 (LP style)(Natural Jacaranda)

X350 (LP style)(antique sunburst)

X610 Outlaw Bass(Charcoal sunburst)

X620 Outlaw bass(tobacco sunburst)

X710 Outlaw(natural)

X720 Outlaw(Charcoal Sunburst)

X730 Outlaw(Tobacco sunburst)

X740 Outlaw (natual maple w/ laminated stripes)

X810 (ES-335 style)(antique brown sunburst)

X810N (ES-335 style)(natural maple)

X910 Vintage (Explorer style)(natural mahogany)

X930 Vulcan (Charcoal grey)

X940 Vulcan (natural ash)

X950 Vulcan (antique brown sunburst)

X960 Ultima (walnut)

Electra Phoenix and Electra Westone Models:
Note: in 1984 the name Electra Phoenix was changed to Electra Westone, and in 1985-6 the name Electra disappeared entirely, replaced by the name Westone Spectrum for the same guitars.

X110VW (H)(vintage white)

X110JB (H)(jet black)

X110N (H)(natural)

X125 (H)(white)

X130N (H-H)(natural)

X130S (H-H)(walnut stain)

X130B (H-H)(black)

X130W (H-H)(white)

X130R (H-H)(red)

X130BL (H-H)(blue)

X135G (H-H)(metallic green)

X135C (H-H)(metallic champagne)

X135P (H-H)(metallic purple)

X135B (H-H)(brown)

X135S (H-H)(silver)

X135NA (H-H)(natural)

X135BK (H-H)(black)

X135R (H-H)(red)

X135SW (H-H)(snow white)

X140N (S-S-S)(natural)

X140S (S-S-S)(walnut stain)

X140B (S-S-S)(black)

X140W (S-S-S)(white)

X140R (S-S-S)(red)

X140BL (S-S-S)(blue)

X145R (S-S-S)(red)

X145B (S-S-S)(blue)

X145N (S-S-S)(natural)

X145VS (S-S-S)(vintage sunburst)

X149 (H-H)(laminated walnut/ash)

X150 (H-H, active EQ)(laminated walnut/ash)

X155 (H-H)(pearl white)

X160BR (H-H, active EQ)(brown)

X165PW (H-H)(pearl white)

X165MB (H-H)(metallic blue)

X165GR (H-H)(metallic olive green)

X175JB (S-S-S)(jet black)

X180 (H-S-S)(brown)

X185RM (H-S-H)(rose metallic)

X185BL (H-S-H)(blue burst)

X185GR (H-S-H)(graphite)

X185SS (H-S-H)(Silverstone= metallic bronze)

X185RD (H-S-H)(red)

X189RD (H-S-H)(red)

X189RB (H-S-H)(red burst)

X189PB (H-S-H)(pearl burst)

X189JB (H-S-H)(jet black)

X190SS (H-S-S)(Silverstone= metallic bronze)

X190BL (H-S-S)(Blue Burst)

X190BR (H-S-S)(brown)

X190JB (H-S-S)(Jet Black)

X195BL (S-H-S)(Blue Burst)

X199CR (H-S-H)(Candy Red)

X199BL (H-S-H)(Blue Burst)

Westone Spectrum guitars

Westone Spectrum models were a continuation of Electra Phoenix models with new names and rearrranged configuration.

X??? Spectrum ST (natural)

X140BK Spectrum DX (H-H) (black)

X140SW Spectrum DX (H-H) (snow white)

X140RD Spectrum DX (H-H) (red)

Spectrum SX

Spectrum MX

Spectrum GT

X198CR Spectrum LX (H-S-H)(Candy Red)

X198MBK Spectrum LX (H-S-H)(Metallic Black)

X198PB Spectrum LX (H-S-H)(Pearl Burst)

X198CB Spectrum LX (H-S-H)(Candy Blue)

X198BB Spectrum LX (H-S-H)(Blue Burst)

X198SWG Spectrum LX (H-S-H)(Snow White Graphic)

X199CR Spectrum FX (H-S-H)(Candy Red/black stripe)

X199SS Spectrum FX (H-S-H)(Silverstone bronze /black stripe)

X199W Spectrum FX (H-S-H)(white)

X199W Spectrum FX (H-S-H)(black)

Phoenix Basses

X630N (natural)

X630S (stained)

X630B (black)

X630W (white)

X630NA (natural)

X630JB (jet black)

X635 (laminated walnut/ash)

X635PW (pearl white)

X635SS (silverstone= metallic bronze)

X640N (natural)

X640S (stained)

X640B (black)

X640W (white)

X640NA (natural)

X650JB (jet black)

X695JB (jet black)

Pointy models

XV1 Lady(red)

XV2RD Dynasty (red)

XV2BK Dynasty(black)

XV2SW Dynasty(snow white)

XV3GR Dynasty (graphite)

X1PW Futura (Pearl White)(red)

X2RD Futura (red)

X4TPR Dimension IV (transparent red)

X4SW Dimension IV (snow white)

X4BK Dimension IV (jet black)

X5RD Monark (red)

X5SW Monark (snow white)

XV200RD Dynasty bass (red)

XV200JB Dynasty bass (jet black)

X400SW Dimension IV bass (snow white)

X400BK Dimension IV bass (jet black)

X700 Futura bass (jet black)

Other Models

X250W Powered EQ (walnut)

X260 Invicta (walnut)

X260N Invicta (natural)

X270 Powered EQ (walnut/ash)

X280 Workingman (walnut)

X290 Workingman (black)

X935 Endorser (black)

X935CS Endorser (cherry sunburst)

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