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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:05 am 
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The "Dynasty" shaped models had seen many changes during their brief run, differences in body style, necks, pickup rings, knobs, tremolo systems and sting lock options. The info below only documents a few lesser known, not immediately obvious differences from the 1984 Electra/Westone XV2rd as compared to the 1985 Westone Dynasty.

From my experience, these two models are the most commonly found. Hopefully this will help anyone looking to buy one.

Little known facts regarding the 1984 Electra/Westone Dynasty XV2RD vs. the 1985 Westone Dynasty:
Spanning the distance from bottom of the heel to top of fretboard, the 1985 is a total of 5mm thicker than the 1984.
Comparing to the 1984, the 1985's heel is 3mm thicker.
Comparing to the 1984, the 1985's neck including fretboard (where the neck bolts in the pocket) is 2mm thicker.

So that makes the 1985's action 5mm thicker at the neck pocket, not counting the taller jumbo frets that the '85 has. Doesn't sound like much, but when doing lead work up around the neck pocket you really feel the difference between them.

The 1984 Electra/Westone Dynasty has thin medium frets.
The 1985 Westone Dynasty has huge Jumbo's.

The 1984 neck pocket has a thin layer of wood spanning the distance between the neck heel and neck pickup cavity. The 1985 production model has that wood removed, they routed it out (as it would commonly crack).

The 1984's red color is lighter than the 1985, comparatively it's slightly more orange and pink (although still distinctly red), almost like a fiesta type red color.
The 1985's red color is a darker and deeper, like a blood red shade.

To sum up, the '84 will have a more "80's" color and better (thinner) action, but the '85 will have bigger, beefier frets and a more modern color. Again, for those who are interested in playing or collecting a Dynasty.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:45 pm 
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Thanks for that! Now, the Dynasty is just a Spectrum/Phoenix in a pretty frock and owning both I can attest to the superior finish of the Westones.
Just sanding them back highlights the difference with the catalysed polyester of the Spectrum being a very bear to do, and the Electra finish just seemed to be a lot less trouble to cut through; I finished sanding my Lady back in the time in took me to do one side of a Spectrum!

My tuppence worth....

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