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 Post subject: Thunder IA Wiring
PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2003 10:56 pm 
Hello :D

I'm havin real trouble wiring up a Thunder IA :-?

Both pickups are MMK 45s but one has 3 wires and the other has just 2?

Is there a circuit disgram anywhere or even a text description. Please help if you have any idea?

I'm going to do a Westone guitar site. I've got pics and specs for most of these:

Bendmaster Deluxe?
Clipper Series
Cocorde I Bass
Cocorde II
Cocorde II Bass
Cocorde III
Cocorde SX
Cocorde I
Concorde XA-1430
Concorded H-II
Concorde H-III
Concorde T-II
Corsair Custom
Cosair Classic
crate electra
Cutlass Classic
Cutlass Custom
Dan Armstrong Signature
Dimention IV
Dimention IV Bass
Electra Pheonix
Electra Westone. (X185 model)
Electra Westone Spectrum
Electra Westone (same as above?)
Electra Westone (X195 model)
Electra Westone Lady
Electra Westone unknown
electra westone unknow
electro acoustic
English Unknown
Flying V
Futura X1PW
Futura X2RD
Headless bass
MPC Series
Paduak I
Paduak II
Pantera X300
Pantera X250
Pantera X275
Pantera Deluxe
Prestige 150
Prestige Cutlass
Prestige 250
Prestige 117
Quantum Bass
Raider Bass
Raider II
Raider I
Raider I Bass
Rail Bass
Rainbow I
Rainbow II
Reb Beach Signature
Session II
Spectrum DX
Spectrum FX
Spectrum LX
Spectrum MX
Spectrum SX
Spectrum II
Spectrum III
Spectrum Bass (various)
Spectrum EX
Spectrum GT
Spectrum ST
Super Strat
Thunder I
Thunder IA
Thunder I Bass
Thunder IA Bass
Thunder II
Thunder IIA
Thunder II Bass
Thunder IIA Bass
Thunder 111a
Trevor Robin Signature
Unknown electra
Westone Mini Strat
Westone Concord ST
Westone Rider
Westone Super Headless Bass
Westone Blue Demon?
Westone Division IV
X-390 Pantera

just need to check the info, ask for permission to use pics, constuct it and put it up somewhere.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2003 9:35 am 

Re: Thunder IA

Thanks for the help...

Managed to wire it up :) so its working to spec passively but not sure how the active circuitry is wired ... the active tone pot is wired but I can't work out how it sits with the passive wiring :-? ?

Any ideas?

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2003 1:51 pm 
To date I have not received any diagrams other than drawings of the Skylark preamp section. You might glance at that to determine if it is close to what you have in the Thunder.

As far as setting up a Westone site goes, that sounds great! I am not sure, but I would guess you were already aware of the Westone site that now exists HERE. You might try dropping him a note to see if he would be willing to collaborate with you. There's been little activity there for quite a while.

I have refrained from covering them since He has done a pretty good job, and the Electra Westones Mike also has covered. More importantly, I already have my hands full with the labels I am already covering and will probably be old and grey (moreso than I am now) by the time it is close to finished. :o

You are welcome to use the info I do have available and all I ask is that you credit the source and possibly a link back here.

The only things I have here regarding Westone are the catalog scans and this forum.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:21 am 
'Got a friend who was given a WESTONE DYNASTY (don't know if there are different models)
So, the problem is that the guy who owned the guitar before him intended to re-paint it (Hu!) and he dismissed all pickups !!

It seems I have the same problem...

UP !

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