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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:21 pm 

Joined: Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:11 pm
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Man, all I can say is - :drool: ! I been messing with an old RP-1 but it can't touch that.


PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:58 pm 
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Superchief wrote:
I thought I would jump in on this one:

My current rig is a Peavey Classic 30 head with the 2x12 cabinet. I have a Hagstrom Super Swede and a BC Rich Mockingbird (NJ Classic) and waiting for my X710 Outlaw to show up. The Peavey Classic 30 has such a wonderful native tone so I don't really color it with anything. It has a great warm 70's type of distortion (Thin Lizzy) and I love it. The only pedal I currently use is an MXR Micro Amp boost pedal. Awesome for a bit more volume for solos.

I like to keep things simple...

So, I have to update this...

I just became the proud owner of an Orange Rockerverb 50 with a PPC 412 Cabinet. What a KILLER amp this is. Gotta love an amp that can induce nausea just through sheer volume. It can do any tone you want, plus it is cooler looking than anything out there. My vintage look is almost complete... just need to hit the consignment stores for some bell bottoms.


"Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation. " ~ David St. Hubbins

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:07 pm 
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Joined: Wed Nov 19, 2003 4:58 am
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I have had to thin the herd lately because of financial issues due to the wonderful economy right now. But I will list some of the stuff I am using.

Current Amps:
- the original prototype River City amps Lunch Box amp head, into a home-made 2x12 oak cabinet, right now with a Vintage 30 and WGS classic 80
- Bogner Shiva 1-12 combo (right now Jensen C12K in it, but it won't be staying there), with reverb, 6L6 version. One of the best two channel amps made. I just need the right speaker - may be looking into some neo speakers
- 1967? (not certain of that year) EKO Prince Reverb amp, amp panel is in Italian! It has the original English Goodman 12" speaker, and uses 2xEL84s for power. I modified a couple of small things (to liven it up a bit, it was too anemic) and recapped it. Think of a Marshal 1974 with Reverb! S -mokin' Original Goodman speaker sounds fantastic, although it "clangs" and talks to you becuase it could use a little doping. Heck, the cone is probably coming apart the way I play it. If it does, I will have it reconed with a celestion alnico blue cone (probably the closest thing to it).

Current Guitars:
- 2001? (not sure) Dean Icon, Korean, gotoh-style replacement tunomatic, push pull pots, Dimarzio air norton in the bridge, Dimarzio Virt. Vintage Bridge model PAF in the neck, earvana compensated nut. One of the most fantastic guitars I have played. Pickups are not too hot, and sound fantastic in this instrument and in their respective postions. Very light guitar - like an SG but better balanced.
- X330 - this is the one that started it all for me. It was found in a pawn shop, none of the knobs would even turn at first, the bridge had broken adjustment screws in the saddles. I replaced the bridge with a gotoh, set it up, filled in the worn holes in the fingerboard, worked with the worn frets, leveled, crowned. Put on grover rotomatics. Bridge pickup was defective - and had really low output. I replaced with a harmonic designs humbucker, but used the partial black cover from the original brdige pickup. Fixed all the wiring. Potted the neck pickup. This guitar KICKS.
- 77 Maple Pro - fantastic guitar, potted pickups, but all stock. Did some fret leveling and crowning for setup. GREAT guitar.
- LP Standard premium plus w/modified Duncan Antiquities, faber bridge, PIO caps
- Kramer Classic Focus - a late 80s Japanese ESP-made Kramer Strat. Undecided if I am going to keep it
- 83 Squier Telecaster - black - black guard - 70s tele look. I put on wilkinson compensated bridge, and a harmonic design vintage style pickups - mini strat in the neck. GREAT guitar.
- Cort PAG1 - oddball mix of a LP and an ibanez destroyer if you can imagine that. I put Duncan Prails in it, and push/pull pots that give you P90 tones, strat (rail) tones, full series humbucking (monsterous), and parallel humbucking (more of a PAF-like tone). This guitar came with tone pros bridge and tailpiece and already had excellent keys.
- X189 - got this from Paul. I cleaned it up, set it up, and potted the pickups. Probably the most versatile guitar I have played. Sounds and plays fantastic! I have had people pick it up and kind of snear at it, then play it, then ask, "WHAT IS THIS?"
- 2008 Epi Wilshire Reissue (Chinese) - white - with two prototype Rockfield FA pickups. This was a good guitar to begin with, but these prototype rockfields are like a PAF with the harmonics turned up! Very light weight.
- Silvertone (Danelectro U-1) 1417 (I think that is the number). Early 60s, copper color, has the single lipstick pickup and a "dolphin nose" headstock. This one is currently up for sale.

- Mostly, I just plug straight in...
- I have all the MPC modules, favs are the modified overdrive, the phaser, the flanger, the compressor, the envelope filter
- TS9DX with 808 mod
- danecho analog delay
- Electra Phaser pedal
- 70s EH LPB2
- Boss Japanese CE2 chorus
- modified Ernie Ball Wah (fulltone pot, red reissue fasel inductor)
- home made Boss Tone circuit pedal (kind of a fuzz and distortion pedal - nice - noisy like all fuzz pedals should be :D

I had a lot more - but keep thinning things. But, I will have fun rebuilding it all later.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:00 pm 

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Framus Cobra with Cobra/Dragon cabs, Boss Turbo OD, and a Crybaby. I'm pretty happy with that.

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