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Set neck LP copy, natural finish flamed maple top, maple fretboard with trapezoid inlays, gold hardware, 5-way tone spectrum selector knob (see MPC guitars for details)

The Omega was the first Electra to carry the 5-way tone spectrum knob designed by Tom Presley that would later become a trademark of the MPC guitars. Headstock was open-book shape in 76 and fan shape for all other years.

Like most Electras with a fan-shaped headstock, the Omega is believed to be made by Matsumoku.

From the 1977 catalog:

Jarkki from Finland sends these pictures of his beautiful X230:

Note that this example has a 3-way switch instead of a 5-way selector knob. This is a fairly common variation, as many people didn't want the extra options. Sometimes people replaced it themselves, but it seems to have come that way from the factory sometimes too.

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