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Carved mahogany SG style body, maple fretboard with 'Tree of Life' inlay, chrome hardware. Early versions had a bolt neck and open book style headstock with diagonal ('Gibson style') logo, later versions had a set neck and split top ('modified open book') style headstock.

The later set neck example above contrasts with the earlier bolt neck version below.

From the 1977 catalog:

Friday, October 24, 2008, 12:58 PM
Theres afew things you ought to know,I have the original electra tree of life guitar,i have the very first prototype,and contrary to what ive read,the guitar youre showing is actually the latter version,and whether it has a bar or not wasnt important,as that guitar was made in japan,the one i have was made in england by electra,and by their selected craftsman as a agreement between the owners and the fact they were planning to sell the company,and each maker was allowed to create a version,this guitar was pyrchased by me in august 1975 while i was on leave with the US Marines,i remember specifically,as the war in vietnam was ending,and i was elated,i only shopped at three stores for guitars in my life and the salesman that sold me this was the only salesman that i ever bought a guitar from,and ended up being my friend until he passed away a few years ago.It had always amazed him that hed sold me that guitar and i never once made another buy.(he was great and will be missed).this guitar is made of solid mahogany,,it has a mother of pearl inlay of a vine on the beautiful perfect barless neck,carved sg style body,with leaves perfect and intricately carved running the upper portion from left to right.the plastic small hardware cover in the rear is a slight vanella,and the thin framing on the body and neck sides are the same color,two humbuckers wrapped with the original wire and taped with tape.the second pickup is shielded with a silver rectangular cover.the very tip of the neck is inlayed with the electra logo and name electre are mother of pearl inlay accompanied by a black hard plastic label and it says Custom.There is no other guitar like this in the world,the guitars with the bar were all copies from this one style,and were massed produced.i have taken this guitar around the world,and ive played it pretty much at least two times a week,.Musicians all the way through the years as BB KING ,STEVIE RAY VAUGHN,ERIC CLAPTON,JOHN FOGHERTY,DAVID BOWIE,THE DRUMMER FOR CREEDENCE CLEARWATER,AND MANY OTHERS HAVE HELD THIS GUITAR,AND COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE WANTED TO BUY THIS,IVE HAD OFFERS UP TO 4800.00,AND MUSEUMS HAVE ACTUALLY WANTED IT FOR EXHIBITS AND OR TO PURCHASE.Its history and the guitar remains the very best,and mint,most think its new as from the condition,ill give you a great example,in two marriages resulting in divorce,i still walked with the guitar,and may of given up evrything else,but i had the giutar first,and hey,theres plenty of women,but only one tree of life.ARCHANGEL.MAJESTIC@YAHOO.COM

Friday, October 24, 2008, 01:19 PM
ive been trying to upload the photos but cant find a way,if you want to see it contact the email and ill send the pics,(dont blame me if youre woman leaves you cause youve made a poster for the ceiling of the bedroom)

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